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Following up on yesterday’s posting, something else I’ve observed over and over again with people trying to build an online income is that the ones who do it successfully often say things like “I can’t believe how simple it was”, or “everybody should be doing this, because anybody can”.

While people who struggle to earn any money seem to spend all their time looking for some sort of Easy Button or Magic Bullet that they’re sure is out there but they just haven’t found yet.

Folks in that second group are their own worst obstacles, not because they’re looking for something that doesn’t exist (though they are), but because they’ve convinced themselves already that things are more complicated than they really are, and it’s that mindset that has them seeking some helper application or system that they don’t really need in the first place.

There’s no mystical secret knowledge to be found, and none of this is rocket science.

You give people value, and they’ll trade for it with their money. That’s the core engine here.

When you peel back all the layers of B.S. that are created so that others can sell their products to you, then you see that it really is just a simple process of trading one thing for another.

And once you see that, it also becomes easy to see how simple it really is to make however much you need or want to with your online ventures.

For example, let’s say you want to build a $50,000 per year income stream. You can do that with less than 100 customers…easy.

Get 99 customers to pay you $42.10 per month, done!

Seriously, 99 x’s $42.10 = $4,167.90 per month, and $4,167.90 x’s 12 months in a year = $50,014.80 per year. A $50k income stream with less than 100 customers.

When you look at it like that, you realize that your job then boils down to just providing $42.10 worth of value each month, and getting 99 people (less than 100 customers) to trade you for that value.

Can you get 99 customers on the web? According to 2,095,006,005 people around the world are using the Internet as of March, 2011.

That’s 2 billion with a “B”. Can you offer something of value to less than 100 of all those people? If you breath I believe you can.

To improve the odds, I like to use what I call the “3 to 5 to 1″ rule, which means for every $1 people pay me I want to give them at least $3 to $5 worth of value back, so if people are paying me $42.10 per month I would want to provide them with $125 to $215 worth of value each month in return, but that’s still not very hard to do.

Think about it, (using the high number of my equation which is $215) can you give deliver $215 worth of value with a whole month to do it in? If you can, you’re set to build a $50k income stream with less than 100 customers.

This all describes just one model that uses a monthly membership type foundation, there’s a lot of other ways to build revenue streams online too, I just picked this one model and wanted to demonstrate how simple it really is when you focus down beneath the B.S.

And there’s tons of ways to build membership or monthly recurring businesses online if you went that route. From ongoing training or support to software access (or support) to information to services…you (and your ability to focus) are your only limitation with it.

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